14 Unique Father’s Day Painting Ideas to Please Your Dad

As a family brand, most of all we treasure family values ​​and the opportunity to give love to our dearest people. That’s why we are happy to give you literally the opportunity to create more love to honor your dear fathers on Father’s Day. The main advantage of homemade gifts is not the ability to choose your dad’s favorite color palette, but the secret to create something unique with your own hands that will touch your father to the core. We want to delight you with precious moments of creativity to impress your fathers with the most special gifts they’ve ever received.

1. Tuxedo T-Shirt Painting

Add style and elegance to your dad’s wardrobe with our extraordinary Father’s day painting ideas! Unleash your tailoring potential by creating an exquisite tuxedo using materials at hand. All you need is a set of Artistro markers and a plain T-shirt, and voila – a stunning tuxedo is ready to be added to your dad’s wardrobe!

tuxedo shirt

2. Barber Business Card Mug Design

Did your mom always forbid your dad to have a mustache? It doesn’t matter, today all your father’s dreams will definitely come true, because today is Father’s Day! This simple stencil painting for dad is guaranteed to make your dad’s day. Cheer him up with a morning cup of coffee, presented in a homemade cup with a mustache painting! Now your dad will be able to show off his stylish mustache both at work and at home.

mug for father

We also offer a second mug for your mom so she can show off her new lipstick in front of her stylish friends as well. And these two mugs next to each other really complement the festival topic!

Mummy and Daddy

3. My Superhero Mug Design

Thinking about things to draw for dad, the theme of superhero comes to mind almost the first. Show all your friends and neighbors who your real superhero is! Neither Marvel nor DС universes are capable of creating a superhero more impressive and immortal in the hearts of children than their own father. Express your gratitude to your father on this holiday by honoring his heroic deeds with a unique superhero cup!

Superhero cup

4. #1 Dad Medal

One of the memorable and charming Father’s Day gift ideas is the Best Father medal! Prove to everyone that your father is the number one father in the whole world. Use a genuine handmade medal as proof. This is an irrefutable argument, because you, as a member of the jury, yourself gave the first place to your father!

Medal for dad

5. Family Portrait Mug Design

If you are unsure of your artist skills, you will definitely love this DIY gift idea just like your dad. Draw this sketchy family portrait as a cartoon with a pair of hilarious human figures in the background of hearts to warm your father’s heart on holiday!

"daddy & me" mug

6. My Dad, My Rock Stone Painting

Who is your support and advisor in difficult times? Whose decisions are unshakable, and the iron will is as unbreakable as a stone? Of course, this is your father! Congratulate your dad with a rock painting gift on this day.

Rock heart

7. Suited Greeting Card

We have prepared very special handmade gift ideas for dads who do not forget about the dress code even at home and do not loosen their tie even on a hot summer day. Delight your business dad with a business greeting card!

Paper postcard for father

8. Daddy’s Barbeque Ceramic Design

Help your dad organize a real outdoor adventure. You don’t have to stock up on steaks or firewood for the barbecue, just our markers and inspiration. With such a barbecue plate, your father will definitely be the Master of the grill!

Grilling Plate for Father

9. The Best Dad in the Galaxy Stone Painting

One of the coolest yet quick gifts for a dad is this simple stone painting. Prove to your dad that he is not only the best dad in the galaxy, but also the father of the most creative child by creating this wonderful lettering!

for best dad

10. Men’s Pajama Party Stone Painting

Father’s Day is the best day to put all your worries aside and have a real man’s fun – a pajama party with your father!

love dad rock

11. Superman’s New Costume Stone Painting

It’s time for Clark Kent to change into his regular suit that your dad keeps in his wardrobe. The work your father does every day in the office is the job for a true superhero!

gift ideas

12. The Force of Father’s Love Stone Painting

Uncover the true force, the Force of paternal love! Show your father who your wisest and most beloved mentor is by giving him this painted stone.


13. Superman Rushes to the Rescue Stone Painting

This is not a bird, this is not an airplane, this is not Superman, this is your Super Dad in a hurry to help you! Please your Super Dad with a super stone painting on Father’s Day!

super dad

14. Meaning of the word stone painting

Words matter, especially if the word is “Father”. Tell your father the correct meaning of the word by revealing the symbolism of the abbreviation in the stone.

father gift